iPad Mini Case "Slim Glossy"


Customised iPad Mini Cases "Slim Glossy" from artcover distingiush themselfs by their particularly thin design  and their scratch resistant and glossy surface.

  • protective hardcover
  • high-class quality product
  • scratch resistant 4C-print around the corner
  • free access to all Ports and Sensors
  • light, durable, catchy, thin
  • glossy

24.90 £

iPad Mini Case "Slim Glossy"

artcover iPad Mini Cases are a global first. Of course you can buy iPad Cases of every imaginable range of variety, colour, form and yes, quality from an incomprehensible number of suppliers and providers around the world. Only these iPad Mini Cases are neither unique nor individual, how could they be? Most are produced in enormous quantities in factories in China, and delivered around the globe to an ever-expanding market for mobile phone cases. But if you don’t want a run-of-the-mill iPad Mini Case but to set yourself apart with an individual, exclusive iPad Mini Case, then you’ve come to the right place. At artcover you can customise your mobile phone case (iPhone Cases, Samsung Galaxy Cases, Blackberry Cases, HTC Desire Cases)