Personalised HTC One Case - create your own!

Personalised HTC One Case 

Would you like to be employee of the month for a change? Just snap on your HTC One Case showing your company’s corporate design in the mornings! In the evenings, on the other hand, at the disco, you are sure to succeed with a picture of you and your most beloved on your artcover case, or a witty, flirty message written on your mobile phone protective case – whatever you choose, from now on your individual mobile phone cover expresses your personality! Would you like to give an individualised mobile phone cover as a present? Just make sure that you know the exact product details of the mobile phone the lucky person uses, as artcover mobile phone cases only fit one specific product.

  • protective hardcover
  • high-class quality product
  • scratch resistant 4C-print around the corner
  • free access to all Ports and Sensors
  • light, durable, catchy, thin
  • glossy

Customisable HTC ONE Cases printed with your own image!

Create your own HTC One Cases

Artcover HTC One Cases are hard shields made of high-quality materials and printed in a special printing process to protect your HTC One. Please note that HTC One Cases cannot be used for other HTC One Models products as they differ in design. An HTC One Case protects your HTC One from scratches and other hazards of daily use without noticeably changing or spoiling the elegant and slim design of your mobile phone. Create your individual HTC One Case now and transform your mobile phone from a technical device into a design statement. Just pick any kind of motif and let your HTC One Protective Case make your mobile phone unique.