Customised Phone Cases

Designing your own mobile phone case - a hot trend – never again the same-old, boring, anonymous, mass-produced silicone mobile phone case or standard mobile phone protective case as the whole world. Who wants to be just one of the crowd? Design your own one-of-a-kind mobile phone protective case using our configurator, place and scale your picture on your customised mobile phone cover. It’s easy, and lots of fun, to design your own protective case – try it out and convince yourself of the quality of our products!

Mobile phone cases with your design

“Design-your-own” mobile phone cases from artcover (currently available: iPhone Cases - iPhone 5 Cases, iPhone 4 Cases, iPhone 3 Cases; Samsung Galaxy Cases - Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S1 Cases; HTC Desire Cases; Blackberry Cases) provide the perfect protection for your favourite gadget from scratches, damage, or other hazards of daily use. And you don’t even have to compromise style for functionality, because our mobile phone cases set themselves apart in that they combine protective elements with particularly streamlined design. Mobile phone cases shouldn’t just offer protection and be light, they should also be chic! It would be even better if they were one-of-a-kind, perfectly unique – and that’s exactly what they are at artcover. With us you get to design your very own, unique design mobile phone case, whether it’s an iPhone Case or Samsung Galaxy Case.

Design your own mobile phone case

At artcover you can design your own mobile phone protective case. Just click here, choose and upload your own picture into our configurator. Then choose your desired product (iPhone Cases: iPhone 5 Cases, iPhone 4 Cases, iPhone 3 Cases; Samsung Galaxy Cases: Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S1 Cases; HTC Desire Cases; Blackberry Cases). This allows you to place your picture on your chosen product, e.g. a Samsung Galaxy Case, and rotate and otherwise design it as you wish. You can for example, add up to three texts on your mobile phone protective case, and move and rotate these, as well, or can change your picture on your iPhone Case using different effects and even upload several pictures at the same time. We make designing your own protective cases fun!

Mobile phone case design

In addition to our offering cases you can design yourself, we also offer a wide range of custom designs. Click on the button “Designs” on our homepage, and draw inspiration from our Community Artists. If a particular design appeals to you, click, in the detailed view of the design on the “Create Case with Design(Motif?)” button and the design will, in our configurator, be projected onto the product of your choice, e.g. an iPhone Case or a Samsung Galaxy Case. We add new designs to our range daily, so you can find almost anything that can be printed on a Samsung Galaxy Case or an iPhone Case. Choose a design for your iPhone Case or your Samsung Galaxy Case and create your individualised product, e.g., an iPhone Protective Case with the design of our Community Artist. That’s how to get your personalised iPhone Case, or your unique Samsung Galaxy Case!

Mobile phone cases for every occasion

artcover mobile phone cases are anything but ordinary. Of course you can purchase your product, e.g., a Samsung Galaxy Case or iPhone Case in any number of varieties, colours, forms, or in any quality from an almost incomprehensible number of mobile phone case merchants. But if you’re looking for something more than the run-of-the-mill mass-market products, then you’ve found what you’re looking for at artcover. Here you can match your mobile phone case to your precisely defined needs, whether you’d like to match your iPhone Case or Samsung Galaxy Case to the pattern of your tie or evening dress, or to make a statement at work or to show-off the picture of your best beloved to friends using your iPhone Case or Samsung Galaxy Case.

Mobile phone case present ideas

An iPhone Case or a Samsung Case with its own design is always a great present idea. Go one better – with individually designed artcover mobile phone cases you can create the funniest and most romantic ideas. You and your partner’s matching mobile phone cases, or the best photo from your last holiday together, your imagination knows no bounds – surprise your best beloved with your individually designed mobile phone case from artcover. Take a look through our product catalogue to see if you can find the right cover for your recipient’s phone. We currently stock iPhone Cases (iPhone 5 Cases, iPhone 4 Cases, iPhone 3 Cases) and Samsung Galaxy Cases (Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S1 Cases), HTC Desire Cases (only for HTC Desire), and Blackberry Cases.